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ANIMALS & FRIENDS ā€“ featuring John Steel and Mick Gallagher from the original Animals, Danny Handley and Roberto Ruiz.

In 1964 a wave of new energetic rock and roll swept over the youth of the world. Riding the crest of this wave were The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and from the banks of the River Tyne came the North East's offering: The Animals – a brand of rhythm ‘n’ blues that the whole world seemed to grasp greedily

The Animals were the second British band to top the American charts after The Beatles with the now multi-million selling and legendary anthem, House of the Rising Sun. The band subsequently achieved over twenty global top ten hit records, many of which gained the number one slot in various parts of the world. In Britain alone, the band had no less than twelve chart entries.

The enduring influence and breadth of appeal of The Animals’ music continues ever onwards. The Animals’ 1964 debut was recently included in Classic Rock magazine’s feature, 50 Albums That Built Blues Rock. Serious contenders to Bob Dylan in his ‘Never-Ending Tour’, in recent years the band’s current Animals & Friends line-up has also embarked on two massive UK tours, as well as performing all over Europe.

2012 marked founder member John Steel’s 55th year as a performing musician. Back in 1957 he and The Animals co-founder Eric Burdon began plying their trade in and around their native Tyneside with not the slightest inkling that in just a very few years they would find themselves part of a group that would be forever bracketed with the very best of British. Animals & Friends’ recent Prehistoric album features recordings of the songs that so inspired John and Eric as they grew up on Tyneside. And so, after 50 years, the legend still grows…

“Though the band has changed, the songs remain eternal, thanks to the protesting dissatisfaction linking them together... alongside covers of Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker classics, they ensure that the nostalgic element comes with an enjoyably abrasive edge” Animals & Friends review – Andy Gill, The Independent

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