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Morris dancers and musicians congregated at the National Trust’s Panorama Tower on Sunday 1 May to welcome the first day of summer.

Clear skies provided the backdrop for music and dance at Croome, near Pershore, at sunrise of the first May morning.

The Panorama Tower made the perfect setting with its unbeatable viewpoint across the Vale of Evesham to where the sun rises in the East. As the sun broke at 5.38am and orange hued rays began to break through on the horizon everyone danced together.

May 1st has traditionally been regarded in England as ‘the first day of summer’ so has long been a reason to celebrate. Key times in the year have been celebrated since Pagan times and morris dancers from around the world ‘Dance in the May’ on May 1st.

Dancers from around the country joined the celebrations at Croome and the clashing of sticks and beating of drums filled the air dressed in brightly coloured ‘tatter jackets’ made of ribbons and strips of cloth, pheasant feathers in their hats and bells on their knees.

Visitors can explore inside the Panorama Tower on special free open day events being held by the National Trust on Sunday 14 May, Wednesday 31 May and Thursday 15 June, 11am-3pm.
Croome is open throughout the year. The park and lakeside are open from 9am until 5.30pm and Croome Court is open from 11am to 4.30pm every day. Normal admission applies.
For more information please call: 01905 371006 or visit the website Photo credit: John Hubble