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Every year the world spends billions of pounds trying to cure cancer. We are closer to finding the cure than ever before. But what happens when we do? Will the world rejoice or will politics and fear soon dampen the celebrations?

This new thriller explores the harsh reality of finding the cure for cancer and asks how far will some people go to stop it. An Unhealthy Cure has been written by Lucy Robinson and Ben Humphrey and will be receiving its world premiere with the Worcester Repertory Company in the Vesta Tilley Studio at the Swan Theatre.

Ben Humphrey, who will also direct the production, is convinced that everyone will have an opinion on the play. “It’s a subject that everyone can relate to. ‘Everybody knows somebody’ and cancer is the 21st century’s big medical fight. Globally, we invest a staggering amount of money in that fight and this play deals with the reality of actually winning it.”

The idea for the play was originally work-shopped by the award-winning Swan Youth Theatre and was then developed into the professional production that will open in the Vesta Tilley Studio next Tuesday.

“Theatre is a brilliant way of asking questions and exploring ideas. This is a play that asks questions that perhaps people are uncomfortable asking and explores ideas that maybe we haven’t thought about yet. It also brings it down to a personal level and asks how far people might be prepared to go to cover up a definitive cure for cancer.”

The production stars Heidi Gowthorpe, Edward Manning, Liz Grand and Wilf Williams and is one of a long list of new works that have premiered at the Swan in recent years. Chris Jaeger, Artistic Director of the Worcester Rep. is delighted that the Swan continues to be a hub of creative work.

“Over the past few years we have premiered a number of new works, some now on national tours, from writers such as Avril Rowlands, Peter Sutton and John Dowie. We are delighted to support local talent and creative production in a way that sees new work actually make it to the professional stage.”

An Unhealthy Cure runs from the 27th September – 1st October 2016 with tickets available from the Worcester Live Box Office on 01905 611427.