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Friday 13th November at 8pm
Tickets £16.50
Box Office: 01905 611427

Rough, tough and always rocking, the legendary King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys’ zany stage show sometimes belies the fact that here is the finest, most authentic rhythm and blues band ever to come from outside the USA.

As anyone who has followed their astonishing career knows, the band carries a guarantee of great swinging music and high entertainment value. This year the high-octane jump and jive band has, as always, been spreading their message throughout Europe, promoting their 11th Big Bear CD, Live at Last. King Pleasure & the Biscuit Boys are more than just the world’s greatest swing and R&B band, they are an institution! The band has been on the road for almost three decades playing every European country as well as touring the USA, Russia and the Middle East, recording ten CDs. Dazzling musicianship, riveting stage performances, more than 50 TV appearances (including, somewhat bizarrely, five episodes of Teletubbies) and 75 radio broadcasts have established them as the Kings of Swing.

What does the title ‘King Pleasure’ evoke? In this context it suggests eating, drinking, spending money, having a good time, overdoing it and explaining the events of the night before to the judge on the morning after. All are apt topics for song and celebration, especially in these grim times. We are in urgent need of music that comes with a cheer-up guarantee. That is exactly what King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys unfailingly deliver.

The King and the Boys have been around for quite a while, getting on for three decades in fact. But how can that be? Some of them look far too young. Individual members may change but the band stays the same. The King and Bullmoose have been there from the beginning. Changes have taken place, but not often. The latest recruit is dynamic pianist Mighty Matt Foundling, who took over from Crab-Claw Tromans shortly before the Hey Puerto Rico album - the band’s ninth - was recorded. Details may change but the magic formula remains the same.

They’re the genuine article, in full working order, dedicated to shaking you up and swinging you into the middle of next week. They’ve got King Pleasure’s inimitable stogies-and-bourbon voice, they’ve got a roaring band sound that comes at you like the Wabash Cannonball, and above all, they’ve got that beat.

Resistance is futile. Surrender to having a good time!

Tickets are available from the Box Office on 01905 611427