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A ginormous spinosaurus dinosaur has set foot at West Midland Safari Park, just in time for half term.

Reaching a huge length of almost 50 feet, the new addition to the “Land of the Living Dinosaurs” is one of the largest and longest dinosaurs in the exhibit, staying true to scientists’ belief that spinosaurus was the largest predatory dinosaur to ever roam the Earth.

Complete with long claws, a ferocious crocodile-like head and large pointy teeth, the new arrival is a commanding presence and even makes the Park’s life-size tyrannosaurus rex look small.

Head Dinosaur Keeper, Emily Brooks said, “Spinosaurus is one of the most recent carnivorous dinosaur discoveries and will make an incredible addition to the Land of the Living Dinosaurs. It was ginormous, bigger than t-rex by a good margin, but it would rarely have been seen on land. In fact, spinosaurus is one of the first dinosaurs palaeontologists have come across that is perfectly adapted for an aquatic life. It had a great, long tail, webbed toes found on the end of huge paddle-like feet and powerful arms.”

She continued, “The most striking feature of this dinosaur was its enormous sail, which was brightly coloured and as tall as a person. This would have been used to communicate to other animals that it was the ‘top dog’ in its area. As the leading contender for the longest and largest theropod, I’m going to have quite a job training this one, but thankfully he prefers to eat fish and large reptiles rather than humans - so I should be quite safe. Hopefully he won’t go scaring any of my smaller dinosaurs away!”

Although both spinosaurus and t-rex ruled the earth during the Cretaceous period, they would never have had a ‘Jurassic Park’-esque battle over food or territory, as they lived on completely different continents and were alive millions of years apart. Spinosaurus’s closest predatory contender would have been a 25 foot long sawfish!

Like its new companions, the spinosaurus is animatronic, with moving eyes, mouth, neck, arms and tail which are accompanied by life-like noises, creating an extraordinary sensory experience, giving the feeling of walking amongst these pre-historic beasts.

The spinosaurus is the newest addition to the UK’s largest animatronic dinosaur attraction, bringing the total number of life size, moving and breathing dinosaurs to 40.

“Land of the Living Dinosaurs” reopens with the rest of the Park for their summer season on 13 February 2016 and starts with Explorers Week. This is included in the standard admission charge of £22.00 for adults, £17.00 for children aged 3-15 and £20.00 for concessions. Admission prices include a free return ticket. Theme Park rides are charged extra. Prices include half term Explorers Week activities, such as a Dinosaur Explorer Craft Club, Twilight Cave feeds, Dinosaur Explorer Trail and Facebook photo competition.

Further information is available from the Park’s official website or by telephone 01299 402114. You can find out more about the dinosaurs and animals on the Safari Park’s official Facebook page: