Aztec Adventure

Mar 8 2022 Business Insights

We asked Mark, the Owner and Director of Aztec Adventure, to tell us about his average day ….


Hi there! How early is your first cuppa?

My day starts at about 7.30 with a cup of coffee – I allow myself a couple of coffees before I move on to tea.

Tell us a bit about your attraction.

Aztec Adventure is the ideal place to enjoy a wide range of adventures. We have two water and land activity centres, offering boat hire and launch, Royal Yachting Association sailing courses, open water swimming, British Canoeing paddle courses, climbing, orienteering, archery – the list goes on and on – and then between May and September, we open up our fantastic Aztec Aquaglide Aqua Park.

Our ethos is around giving people fun, engaging experiences – being outside on the water is not only good for fitness but it is also good for mental health and relaxation.

We took over our Upton Warren site, which is near Bromsgrove, in 2014. We have a smaller sister attraction in Lower Moor, near Pershore which we’ve operated since 2003.


How do you recharge during the morning?

On the whole I don’t really need to recharge as I love what I do. Once I am here I am always really busy and love having lots to do.


What’s your favourite lunch-time snack?

It’s always a ham and cheese sandwich with prawn cocktail crisps – a winning combination!

What’s your average afternoon routine?

I really love getting out onto the site, seeing and chatting to the staff and helping visitors have a great time. In the summer I especially enjoy watching the kids on the Aqua Park – it’s really satisfying to hear them shouting with laughter. We really work hard to make sure our customers have a positive experience and work very hard to make sure that they are creating lots of fantastic memories.


How do you chillax at the end of the day?

In the evening I switch off my phone and emails and enjoy spending time with my family.


What’s your favourite part of what you do?

It’s really quite special here on a hot, sunny day – kids and adults having a great time with ice cream and water. We almost have a seaside/beachy vibe, here – even though we’re deep in the Worcestershire countryside.