Comfort Food by the Fire

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, hearty stews and casseroles are on the menu. Slow cooking in this way can be time-consuming so batch cooking becomes your best friend at this time of year. The Becketts Farm butchery counter has a fantastic range of meats which lend themselves perfectly to slow cooking, and some great offers also!

Hearty casseroles and stews can be made with traditional diced beef or lamb, but Becketts Farm offers something a little different too. For those who like to experiment, diced venison and diced goat make flavoursome alternatives. Venison is a rich meat delicious in stews with a generous glug of red wine and served with dark leafy greens. Goat meat has long been popular in Caribbean cuisine and is great in stews or even curries with a sprinkle of spice for added warmth. Both have huge depth of flavour and are just as easy to cook as the more popular stewing meats.

Cooking in the latter half of the year is an absolute joy with the bounty of fresh local produce creating the perfect ingredients for wholesome dishes. For locally grown root veggies and meats sourced from within 50 miles of the Farm Shop, you can honestly cook a truly local supper.

Wrap up warm and head out for a walk at one of the counties fantastic parks or local trails, but don’t forget to pop this tasty braised venison in port in the slow cooker before you do. Everyone will thank you for the amazing aromas that greet you upon your return, and it is sure to warm you all up as you tuck in together.

As Becketts Farm work with a handful of small, local farmers who supply their goat and venison meat, we’d always advise calling ahead to check stock before making any journey especially.