Coronavirus: 12 things to do with the kids if you're self-isolating

If you are self isolating with the children due to the Coronavirus and need a little inspiration on how to keep them occupied, then checkout some of these activities below.

Have a bake off

Get your aprons on and start baking some culinary treats. The kids will love to make pancakes, decorate cupcakes or enjoy making pizza from scratch. Check out the following websites: Kids baking with BBC goodfood or Baking Mad for more recipe ideas.




Get crafty!

Why not raid your recycling bin and have an arts and crafts afternoon? If you are not sure where to start, take inspiration from this website page: 50 Quick & Easy Kids Crafts  which includes clear guides and videos on how to make everything from bird feeders to bookmarks.

Bring the outdoors in

Kids love camping and picnics, so why not build a den out of sofa cushions, chairs and blankets and hold it all together with pegs. ‘Pack up’ a picnic of sandwiches and snacks and layout a carpet picnic for lunch.

Games and puzzles

No we’re not talking minecraft or angry birds, dig out any board games and jigsaws you have at the back of the cupboard.  You can also purchase toy and activity packs from the Superdrome.com who offer  a  free, no contact, delivery service. Whether you love Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary or a lego challenge, this is a great chance to enjoy family time playing together and maybe get a little competitive!

Indoor cinema

Make some popcorn and marshmallow topped hot chocolate and snuggle on the sofa with a great movie. Visit some old family favourites or remakes of some great classics, perfect timing with the new release of Disney+


Whether its reading traditional books or downloading a podcast, why not have a story-time hour. Take turns to listen to your child read or read to them. You could always dress up as characters from the stories and act out the scenes too.

For little explorers

Whether its indoors or outdoors, you could create a scavenger hunt for your children to complete. They could follow a simple map to collect household  objects or complete clues to find a special treat. Alternatively you could create a bug hunt, make a list of insects for them to find in the garden.

Worcestershire’s got talent

If your children love singing, dancing, playing musical instruments or magic tricks, ask them to put on a show to demonstrate their talents, or encourage them to learn a new skill, check out YouTube.com for some inspiration for your little performers.


Keep them active

Try and keep the children active, whether its creating an indoor obstacle course for them to complete, having a dance off or playing football in the garden.

Role play

Children love to role play, set up a grocery shop by raiding your store cupboards for tins and packets, use a toy till if you have one or some pennies for them to ‘buy’ items from the shop, you can even make your own shop signs.


Become a scientist www.sciencefun.org has some great ideas for experiments for the kids, using everyday household items, from erupting volcanos to crystal candy, the kids will be amazed at their creations, we just recommend a little adult supervision!



Support their learning

Parents may be worried that their children are missing out on vital education with school closures, however a fantastic resource has been produced by www.twinkl.co.uk, you can sign up to their resources for free and gain specifically created home learning packs.

We hope during this difficult time you stay safe.