Droitwich Spa

The historic town of Droitwich Spa, surrounded by the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, is a town of great charm offering its visitors plenty of things to do, attractions and places to explore.

The spa town has been the site of a settled community for over 2000 years.

It owes its existence to the natural brine springs which emanate from subterranean beds of pure rock salt 200ft below the ground. Dissolved by underground springs, artesian pressure forces the salt to the surface as brine. Its density and buoyancy are only rivalled by the Dead Sea – natural Droitwich brine is ten times stronger than sea water.

This historic town has a great range of leisure activities available including guided walks, two well maintained Green Flag parks and an open air lido, which is one of the few remaining inland, open-air salt water swimming pools in the UK – attracting visitors from far and wide,

The Droitwich canal network (the Worcester and Birmingham canal) is a haven for walkers, cyclists and nature lovers. There are enough shops to keep retail therapists happy along with various markets that regularly take place in the town.

Two of the most famous names to come out of Droitwich Spa have many lasting references in the town today. John Corbett aka The Salt King, built his salt works becoming the largest and most successful in Europe. With the wealth creating, he commissioned a French architect to design the Chateau Impney building. It was completed at an estimated cost of £7 million in today’s figures.

The second, Edward Winslow, was a pilgrim who became one of the ‘founding fathers’ of America. Born in Droitwich Spa, he is still remembered across the county with a statue of him on display in the town and his portrait hangs in the council chamber at the town hall. Edward Winslow is the only Pilgrim who was actually painted in real life at the time.

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