Woven Forms: Breaking the Boundaries – Summer Exhibition

Stour Vale Mill, Green Street, Stour Vale Mill, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY10 1AZ

Summer Exhibition 2019 Woven Forms Breaking the Boundaries This years’ summer exhibition of contemporary and traditional woven forms is set to break the boundaries as it showcases a mesmerising sculptural installation by weaving artist Jan Bowman.

Date(s) - 29/06/2019 - 28/09/2019
10:00 am - 1:30 pm


Weaving artist Jan Bowman is renowned for breaking the boundaries of weaving by creating woven spatial divides, panels and sculptural pieces that challenge the conventional limits of the discipline by transforming traditional woven forms into contemporary installations. Examples of her work can be seen at the Collect Exhibition and the Saathchi Gallery this spring.  Bringing this woven installation out of London and to the West Midlands will offer a new audience exposure to something that has only previously been on display in the south.

Cloth has been woven in Kidderminster from the 13th century. The Town became known in the 17th century for Kidderminster Stuff, a heavyweight general-purpose woven cloth. Meanwhile Kidderminster carpet, a hard wearing patterned flat weave that was reversible and had double thickness was first woven in 1735. Kidderminster carpet and Kidderminster stuff are still woven on handlooms at the Museum of Carpet. Following the Industrial Revolution steam was introduced to power the looms, and the museum is proud to own and run two twentieth century power looms in its galleries. Due to its carpet production Kidderminster became known as the ‘woven carpet capital of the world’ and this exhibition will promote civic pride in Kidderminster’s weaving heritage.

for more information on the exhibition check out our NEW Exhibitions page here.

Alongside the exhibition the museum will be hosting a series of events and workshops that focus on traditional craft skills in order to educate and promote well-being.

A seminar will be delivered by members of the Museum Collections Team with the opportunity to see original designs for woven carpets from the Museum archive.

Jan will lead weaving workshops which will give participants the opportunity to learn how to weave using table-top looms. She will also work with local school children to create woven forms inspired by nature. Other complementary workshops including braiding, paper cut and rag rugging will expand the programme. The workshops are intended to enable participants to learn new skills, gain a sense of achievement and promote well-being. Research shows that learning a new skill and being creative is associated with greater optimism and improved ability to get the most from life.

For more information on these events and courses head to our events and courses page.

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