Experience Worcester in 1600

2020 marks the 400 anniversary of the Mayflower ship voyage to the ‘New World’ of America. There are over 30 million US descendants of the passengers and crew who sailed on the Mayflower.  Worcestershire can tell the story of the Winslow and More passengers and how they came to be on the ship. Travel back to 1620 and step into Edward Winslow’s footsteps by visiting some of the attractions below.

Tour where Edward Winslow lived

Take a tour of Worcester Cathedral, where Edward Winslow lived and was educated every day at 11.00am and 2.30pm. Book a private tour of the Cathedral library and see Winslow stated in the school records – as well as books and maps with detailed accounts of travellers from the early 1600’s. A Mayflower 400 tour is also available if booked in advance.

Experience life in the Civil War

Visit the Commandery and discover Worcester’s Civil War Story, an interactive exhibition that will take you back to 1651, into a murky, conflicted Worcester.

Experience life as a soldier 300 miles from home, discover the reason many were leaving for America and come face-to-face with Oliver Cromwell.

Discover Worcester in 1620

Bring your visit of Worcester to life with an ‘Edward Winslow’ character guided tour or join Discover History on a Worcester City Tour from the Guildhall.

Learn about Worcester’s clothier trade

Visit the beautiful 16th Century, Tudor House Museum and take a trip back in time to discover the people who lived here during 1620, what their lives were like and how Worcester was becoming a thriving city through exporting cloth.

Explore Edward Winslow’s childhood

Explore the birthplace of Edward Winslow with a trip to the town of Droitwich Spa. Winslow’s family were involved in the salt production trade, so you can view statues dedicated to Edward Winslow and the salt workers.  Step inside the Heritage Centre and request to see the replica Portrait of Edward Winslow. Visit the beautiful Lido Park and see the Mayflower Ghost Ship (1/4 size replica) 27-28 June.

View Winslow’s public records

Edward Winslow’s ability to forge friendships with the Native American community, battle in England’s corridors of power and help communicate the Mayflower’s legacy mean he is one of the story’s crucial figures. Research the record of the Winslow family at The Hive and book a tour of the archives to see the Marriage Bond of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway.

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