Foodie Friday - Worcesters Apple - Tarte Tatin recipe

It’s apple season…

As we move into September  we also move into Apple season.

You may not know this but Worcestershire has producers based here that supply the whole of the UK and we even have our own variety, the ’Worcester Pearmain’ which is famed for its strawberry-esque flavour. 

So this Foodie Friday explores this everyday fruity hero, from where you can get it to how you can use it. Enjoy…

Where to go…

If you are looking to Pick your Own – you can head to Clive’s Fruit Farm in Upton who have Discovery and Katy variety apples available, or Bell’s Farm Shop in Hartlebury who have Katy apples, Bramley cooking apples, Cox and Spartan varieties! 

If you want to try the Worcester Pearmain this is the last weekend at Broomfields where the variety is available to buy in their farm shop. You can make an afternoon of it and get a coffee and cake from the café and sit out in the Orchards and enjoy the Worcestershire countryside. Four legged friends are welcome!




What to do with them?

Apple is one of the most versatile fruits, great in salads, as sauces or as a pudding (or even for apple bobbing if you want to entertain the kids!)

But with cooler nights approaching, we think the best use for those PYO apples is in a Crumble or indulgent pudding. So why not dust off your lockdown pinny and make this super easy cheats Worcestershire Apple Tarte Tatin – serves 4:


  • 50g butter (unsalted)
  • 0.5 Cup Maple Syrup
  • 3 apples cut into slices (about 1cm)
  • 2 sheets of shop bought puff pastry
  • Icecream or custard to serve


  1. Pop the oven on 200oc. Melt the butter in a thick oven proof frying pan. Add the syrup and then arrange your apples in the base of the plan. Feel free to let your creativity run free with patterns and arrangements. 
  2. Gently cook the apples for 4/5mins. While they are on the hob – press together both sheets of puff pastry to create one thick sheet. Place the puff over the top of the pan, cut to size.
  3. Press the puff pastry gently down on top of your now caramelised apples. Pop the pan in the oven for about 20mins, or until the pastry is golden and ‘puffed’.
  4. Allow to stand for a few mins before turning out. This is the tricky bit, you can loosen the pan with a palette knife and use another plate to help you invert the pudding so the apples are facing up and you can see your beautiful design.
  5. Dish up to friends and family (and never let on how easy that was!) Enjoy. Nom.

A Worcestershire tipple?

If you like your apples in liquid form, why not show some love to some of our local brewers – we are lucky enough to have a host of award-winning cider and apple juices in this County. Why not try:

Old Fields – based in Tenbury this family have been creating crisp delicious cider on their site since the 1960’s. To purchase click the link below.


Barbourne Cider – brewed in Worcester City but with orchards in Ombersley this family run business has even been featured on the Hairy Bikers and Sunday Brunch. For home delivery click the link below.


Pershore Press – Started 20 years ago at Pershore College, Pershore Press are continuing the tradition of making cider, juices and perry in the Vale of Evesham 


Bell’s – It’s not just pick your own at Bell’s, they also make their own juice 


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