#FoodieFriday – Feature: H Dayus Butchers

Jul 2 2020 Foodie Fridays

Today’s #FoodieFriday showcase blog comes from H.Dayus The Master Butcher, who is family run business based in Worcester.

The business first opened their doors in 1952 and they have been famous for their quality, local and sustainable meat ever since.

We had a chat with the guys to understand their Covid Journey and to learn more about the delicious treats they have in store – from steak to scotch eggs.

At the start of the COVID pandemic it was scary for everyone but especially for small businesses like H.Dayus who were still working on the frontline to feed our County. For things to work and in a safe manner the normal way of trade needed to change. It became very clear from the beginning the public were going to start buying and supporting local businesses in such a difficult time.  At the begin the business saw a rapid decline in wholesale customers with many pubs and restaurants closing their doors for the foreseeable future. However, thankfully the retail side of the business began to boom with many households now changing the way they shop. Although this was great news it did bring a huge amount of pressure for the team. But they went for it and smashed it!

The first step the business took was a free enhanced delivery service across Worcester and a ‘Family Affair ‘meat pack to see families though a 14-day period (see link at the end).  The response was amazing in such a short amount of time and showed exactly what the community needed.  ‘We watched and listened to our customers and their buying habits and responded to what they were telling us. We also stood very true to our mission of local, traceable, and sustainable’.

With demand shooting up the team were working 13-hour days 6 days a week to make sure all demand was met at the high standard. This shone through with customer recommending to family and friends.

On top of the day job the evening was used to develop the website, so customers could order what they needed 24/7. With the help of the COVID grant scheme it enabled the business to be able buy more to sell more, deliver further afield for free, refresh the family shop (see the fab before and after photos), and establish new relationships with other local businesses. ‘Due to us reacting quickly, making the most of social media, using the doors being closed to get things done, and maintaining an ongoing conversation with our customers meant that, strangely, COVID ended up presenting us with an opportunity to do things we had been meaning to do for some time’.

As much as it is easy to see the negatives of COVID-19 with the impact it has had on businesses but most importantly families it is important to see how this time has brought communities back together and so what kindness is out there.

For H. Dayus, there have been many things that can be reflected on as positive outcomes:

  • Feeling a sense of ‘we’re in this together’ with customers, suppliers, partners and other businesses has been amazing
  • Raising our profile, sharing our ethos and building a whole new customer base
  • Forming new partnerships, businesses working together, realising how we can help each other in really difficult times
  • The general shift and social media support and encouragement for local business and buying local – so many people sharing and tagging each other, in the hope we all get through this
  • Seeing how versatile and creative some businesses have become and being inspired by them
  • We have invested in the only dedicated Dry Ager in Worcester City which is really creating a talking point for everyone – customers, wholesale customers and local farmers alike.
  • Seeing how capable we are! Renewing our own sense of purpose

With lockdown starting to ease and somethings returning to some sort of normal, H. Dayus are still there to offer all their services. They have been their supporting and supplying our community in such a difficult time and it now our time to continue our support back and carry on buying local.

‘We are offering a face to face service, web ordering and delivery provision plus the popular web ordering for collect in store option. It really is easy for the customer to get what they need, when they need it and we have a tried and tested system in place that means we are well positioned to meet demand – in fact we can’t wait to meet new customers! We have forged new relationships and maintained trusted ones with restaurants who have transformed what they do and how they do it. We have welcomed new partnerships with local suppliers that mean we mutually benefit from sustainable solutions.

We’ve got a bit of a buzz going. #Notjustabutcher. And people are coming to us to find out more. We’re so excited for the future and although we will be glad to see the back of COVID, the risk it brings to everyone and the personal things we have missed this year as a result, we will always be grateful for the opportunity it presented us with to meet some amazing new customers, form some truly genuine relationships and put our long standing traditional family business, right alongside some of the best up and coming modern establishments in the City.

Being bold, seizing the moment, listening to our customers, sticking to who we are, taking a leap of faith, working with the best people and benefitting from the reach social media gave us have been key to us seeing a way through COVID.

Oh yes….and some good old-fashioned passion for what we do! Thank you to everyone that stuck with us!

To shop online or learn more about the products on offer from the guys, please visit the H Dayus website.

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