Halloween Spooktacular

Oct 12 2021 Autumn What's On

With Halloween just around the corner, our inner wizards and witches start to itch. Whether its for the kids – or us big kids – everyone loves a little bit of ‘spook’.

Worcestershire’s historic past has led to some grizzly tales and ghostly sightings – from Civil War Soldiers or the hooded monk walking the cloisters at the Cathedral, we have our fair share of ghost stories in the county.

If you want to read more, check out our Haunted Shire Blog here: https://www.visitworcestershire.org/the-haunted-shire/

A list of Halloween events for adults and kids is below, but check out our half-term post for all family-friendly events:

Family Friendly Halloween:

Spooky Spectacular! Perils of the Pumpkin Patch – West Midlands Safari Park

The 22nd – 31st October will see the return of the Pumpkin Patch with the addition of ‘Patch’, the new pumpkin scarecrow character, who will be performing his live Pumpkin Party stage show at selected times throughout the day. There is also a ‘Perils of the Pumpkin Patch’ Scratchcard Trail and the photo competition!

Spooky Spectacular | Halloween at West Midland Safari Park (wmsp.co.uk)

Ghost Trains at Severn Valley

Are you brave enough to climb aboard the Ghost Train? Arrive at Kidderminster Station before making your way along the dark platform to find your reserved seats.

Once aboard the train, hold on tight as the train roars away, passing through haunted stations – who knows what lurks around the next bend!?

For the bravest children that survive the spooks and scares, free Halloween goodie bags will be handed out. For those braver adults, there is even a Scream Train…check out the details at: SVR Ghost Trains

Spooky woodland Walks at Witley Court

Join ghost-hunting storytellers on a family-friendly walk through the shadows of Witley Court. With well-told tales full of spooky and strange goings-on, this Halloween walk is sure to get you into the spirit of the season. For info visit: Spooky Woodland Walks

Atwell Farm Park – Halloween Spooktacular

Take a stroll in the pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkin! Then track down ghastly ghosts and creak through the haunted house. Atwell’s has lots of spook this Halloween season. For tickets visit: Halloween Spooktacular Tickets

Adult Only Halloween:

The Commandry Ghost Tours

The Commandery, one of the oldest buildings in Worcester, is once again opening its gates for our annual Ghost Tours! Get to know the history of The Commandery, learn about the odd sightings and rumours and hear about the more macabre side of one of Worcester’s most well-known landmarks.

Keep your eyes peeled and make your own mind up as to the paranormal activities said to have taken place over the years.
6:30pm and 8pm slots available. Tours take one hour. £12.50 per person. Book Commandry Ghost Tours

Worcester Ghost Tours

Follow your guide into deep, dark pockets of Worcester and discover a side of the Faithful City that you never knew existed…

The Historic Ghost Walk of Worcester will lead you through gates normally locked and doors usually bolted to learn of the ghostly experiences and historical facts in a fascinating tour of one of the most haunted and historic cities in Britain

With entry to some of Worcester’s most iconic buildings, and an entertaining guide it is a great night out. Occurs every Wednesday, check out Event Bright for details.

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