How to #StayHomecation

We know all too well here at Visit Worcestershire HQ that many of you will have missed out on holidays during lockdown – or have seen plans to attend gigs, theatre or festivals cancelled/postponed.

And while we can’t replace those missed experiences, the team have put their heads together to come up with some fun ways to entertain yourself at home with our top ten tips to #StayHome-Cation.

Missing the Theatre

While we can’t see shows at the moment, we can access a little bit of Culture via the National Theatre who stream a whole performance on You Tube every Thursday at 7pm.

From Frankenstein to Antony and Cleopatra – grab your weekly hit of culture by clicking the button below.


Missing your outdoor escapes and sleeping beneath the stars? For those of you with access to a garden, why not pitch a tent? For a romantic night by a fire or as something different to do with the kids – a night outdoors can you make you feel like you are anywhere…and who doesn’t like an excuse to dust of the BBQ?

#SupportLocal – camping supplies can be purchased from local firm Olpro.

Film Festival

We have all got really good at binge watching tele lately, and perhaps another day on the sofa isn’t what you had in mind but – what about creating a mini film festival or a Movie Night?

When we sit in the Cinema, a film is an immersive experience.

We don’t look at our phones and we get taken away into a world of make belive….so how about you ditch the phone, draw the curtains, get all the snacks ready and really watch a film?

Enjoy an old favourite like the Breakfast Club or the God farther, a Sing A Long Classic Like Grease, maybe show the kids your favourite Childhood film – like the Goonies or re-watch an epic Trilogy – Harry Potter maybe or Star Wars – although no arguing over the ‘right’ order!

Festival At Home

With Glastonbury cancelled and many other events also postponed – we know music lovers will be craving their hit. Why not create a mini festival vibe at home or in the garden – from dressing up, getting creative with face paint or glitter, to enjoying a drink responsibly in the sun. You can download some fab playlists from Spotify or other music casting sites – why not hold a Silent Disco? Points to anyone who can work out what your listening to based on those epic dance moves!

To #SupportLocal why not buy BBQ supplies or alcohol from local suppliers, check out Deliverall.

Sightsee – from Home

How often do we make the most of the amazing cultural, outdoor and heritage sites that are on our doorstep?

From watching the cute animals at West Midlands Safari Park, to walking the Malvern’s to visiting our Museums – we have collated together the best Virtual Tours covering our amazing County so you can get a taste of what is to offer locally – perhaps create a #WorcLocalWishlist for when lockdown is lifted!

Mini Olympics

We know how hard it is to entertain the kids all day – how about creating a weekend Olympics? From an opening ceremony with Countries Flags and a paper torch – to the games themselves and obviously the medals and closing party? The kids can make elements of the Olympics all week and then bring it all together at the weekend.

Games could include:

  • Discus using paper plates or a frisbee
  • Floor Gymnastics or dancing
  • Hurdles using soft obstacles like carboard box’s
  • Paper Plane Folding and Flighting
  • Hoopla
  • Egg and Spoon

Spa Day

In need of a bit of a pamper? With so many of us staying in, our skin can become a bit dry and taking time out to relax and unwind is more important than ever!

So why not grab some face masks, run a lovely hot bath, attempt a hair or make up tutorial or re-fresh that pedicure. You could even put fruit in your water and wear your robe for the ultimate Spa Experience.

See Friends – Virtually

I think nearly everyone has got into the groove of face time or zoom meetings by now…and done more pub quiz’s then we ever thought possible! How about setting some new challenges, from playing charades, Sing along Film, playing host to a games night or even attempting a bake off – everyone does a technical challenge and you can sit and laugh/enjoy your creations with a cuppa?

Get Cooking

Still gutted about missing out on your Sangria and Tapas this summer or missing your fav takeaway? Why not make your own? Saturday’s have become ‘big eat’ nights in our house, where every member of the family attempts a dish or side – creating a feast we can all enjoy.

How about sampling local produce and making a Worcestershire Menu – asparagus is in season? We are creating #FoodieFridays where top local chefs and producers will be sharing recipes weekly – so watch out on our Socials for more info!

Explore the County on Foot

Our message to residents and visitors is still #StayHome but we appreciate as restrictions on exercise are easing from 13th May – you may want to head out on a longer walk. The County Council has a long list of walks available with maps to help you plan your trip – remember to keep to social distancing measure’s and enjoy our beautiful countryside safely.

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