Pitlands Farm Holidays

Jul 30 2021 Business Insights

We asked the owners of Pitlands Farm Holidays to tell us about their average day ….

Hi there! How early is your first cuppa?

We both get up at around 6.30, especially in our busy summer season, and it’s always a cup of tea for us, to get us going.

Tell us a bit about your business.

Our farm was originally a pig, poultry and fruit farm, bought by Ian’s grandfather in the 1920s.  We converted a building into our first holiday let in 1987 and have never looked back.  We now have 8 holiday properties and our customers are very loyal, ranging from fishermen to couples and families.  In the past 3 to 4 years, we have expanded to include a café, which has proved to be really popular with both guests and the local community.

How do you recharge during the morning?

We don’t really – we are too busy from April to September, especially when it’s a lovely spring or summer’s day.

What’s your favourite lunch-time snack?

During the winter our favourite lunch is a tasty, warming soup.  Leek and potato is our go-to, especially when it’s made with vegetables grown here in our garden.

What’s your average afternoon routine?

We don’t have a set routine, but Fridays and Mondays are changeover days.  This means we are busy saying goodbye to guests and cleaning in the mornings, prepping in the afternoons and then welcoming our new guests from 3 pm onwards.  

How do you chillax at the end of the day?

On a Monday evening, there is nothing more relaxing than not having to cook as we reheat any dishes left over from the weekend Apple Tree Kitchen menus.  And on a Friday night, on a warm evening, you will often find us having a glass of wine on our patio and eating pizza, freshly baked in our new outdoor pizza oven – a fabulously successful lockdown project!

What’s your favourite part of what you do?

We are very lucky as we live in the most gorgeous corner of Worcestershire and have over 25 acres. Our favourite part of the business is gardening, whether that is tending the plants in our greenhouse, growing gorgeous dahlias or planning new planting schemes, such as our bright and cheery sunflower bed.