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Droitwich Spa Heritage & Info Centre, Victoria Square, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 8DS

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Discover the history of Droitwich Spa from salt town to modern day. BBC radio room, brass rubbing, souvenirs, comprehensive Tourist Information Centre.

The Droitwich Spa Heritage and Information Centre is housed on the former Brine Baths site, which was first established in the 1880’s. The present black and white building, known as St. Richard’s House, dates from the 1930’s and consists of a very friendly and welcoming Tourist Information Centre, a fascinating permanent local history exhibition, BBC radio room and has a small but comprehensive range of brass rubbing plates.

The Tourist Information Centre offers a warm welcome to visitors and provides a comprehensive selection of free literature allowing visitors to “discover” places to visit in and around Droitwich Spa and in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. A range of souvenirs can be purchased along with numerous local history books.

The permanent exhibition shows the fascinating story of the town from pre-Roman times to modern day. Excavations in the town have revealed much about early Droitwich and its salt industry; many of these remains are in excellent condition. Reconstructed faces from Roman skulls reveal some incredible facts about their lifestyles and their appearance.

The salt industry is traced, using displays and many old photographs, through Roman, Saxon and Medieval periods and finally the Victorian era of the “Salt King”, John Corbett is studied with audio-visual display which depicts the harsh reality of working in hot, steamy conditions in the salt works.

The Centre is also home to the “Droitwich Calling” exhibition which brings alive the history of radio using a “hands on” display. Find out how a radio station made Droitwich Spa famous; why Droitwich was chosen as the site for a high-powered transmitter and how it operated. You can also view and operate radios from the past to the 1950’s.

Visit the Droitwich Spa Heritage Centre Salt Museum and discover the history of Droitwich Spa from pre-Roman times to present day. This unique, permanent exhibition is devoted to the long and fascinating story of the only salt water spa town in Britain.

Come and experience a truly fascinating exhibition which brings alive the history of radio. An excellent ‘hand on’ display which will delight both casual observers and radio enthusiasts alike. Find out how a radio station made Droitwich famous, why Droitwich Spa was chosen as the site for a high powered transmitter and how it operated.

There are over 24 brass rubbing plates to choose from which range from the majestic King Henry VIII and his many wives to heraldic beasts and animals. They are popular with visiting children but we find that adults are just as keen. A small charge is made which includes the paper, waxes, use of the plate and someone at hand to show ‘first timers’ the technique.


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    Brass rubbing : £0.60 per plate to include paper,wax and plate.

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