George Marshall Medical Museum – Childrens Activities

Charles Hastings Education Centre, Charles Hastings Way, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR5 1DD

01905 760738

Home to a collection of fascinating artefacts illustrating the way medicine and health care have changed over the past 250 years. See our death masks, apothecary's shop and 19th-century operating theatre. Free entry.

Our exciting new workshop Purge the Plague is now available for your KS2 and KS3 classes. Students will take on the role of an 18th century apothecary and use mathematics, creative and logic skills to create remedies for their patients. Using resources including a fantastic range of ingredients and their properties, local* maps and information about diseases, they will develop remedies for three different patients suffering from a range of 18th century conditions, and then pitch their potion to a panel of their peers.

Our education programme:

Our education programme is tailored to suit students at Key Stage 2 through to GCSE, and our Curator is happy to work with teachers to produce bespoke workshops where required. We are constantly updating and developing the workshops we offer.

How to find us:

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