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Learn to make your own reenactment/ historical jewellery. A jewellery workshop in a narrowboat. Small groups, close support, very nice cake!

Enjoy a day learning the techniques our ancestors may have used to create your own piece of jewellery to complement your re-enactment outfit, all on board our floating silver jewellery workshop - The Silver jewellery Boat!

Learn to make your own historical or re enactment silver jewellery

The Silver jewellery Boat is our fully equipped jewellery studio – in a 60ft narrowboat moored alongside the beautiful Worcestershire canals.

On board The Silver Jewellery Boat we invite you to come along for one day and experience  making your own historically themed silver jewellery.

We may have a few power tools, and the quality of metals are better – but basically we are using very similar tools and techniques that have been used by our ancestors the world over, to make metal jewellery.

You will initially use copper, to develop your skills and be shown how to use simple hand-made methods to cut, shape, join and polish. You will learn how to add texture and personalised decoration with punches and engravers. You then make your own item of silver historical jewellery to take away and wear.

We currently have two projects that are ideal for beginners or those with some basic metal working experience. They involve a selection of silver smithing skills, with plenty of scope to add your own creative input.

I hope you may come along with your own ideas for your stimulating and rewarding historical jewellery making day.

Penannular Brooch

Used for centuries in different styles as clothes fasteners, this simple mechanism is highly practical, and yet can be both dramatic very beautiful. The long pin moves around the ring passing through loosely woven cloth, holding clothing in place.

Taking inspiration from artefacts, and designs from some recently and locally, unearthed Anglo Saxon discoveries, you will be carefully through the skills needed to help you make your own silver pennanular brooch .

This will involve some good old fashioned forging with a hammer on an anvil. Initially working in copper, you will learn to measure, cut, bend and finish the metal. Swirls of shaped metal and decorative texturing from bending, hammering and stamping allow you to add your creative element to the brooch. Carve and punch period decoration into the metal to add a personel message. Some careful finishing and polishing completes a bold statement item that you can wear with pride.

Or, cutting and shaping of metal, bending and polishing – you might use some soldering skills too. You will develop ideas as you practice in copper – then move on to your final piece in silver – a real statement piece to complete your reenactment costume


Anglo Saxon or snake ring wire Ring 

Ring making will include some experience of a variety of metal working techniques. You will be encouraged to base your design on found historical rings that use knots, snakes and twisted wire.

Start with some basic ring sizing and soldering in copper. You learn how to measure and cut, forge, shape, texture, size, and bend the metal. Make a “snake” and wire wrapped” “Anglo Saxon” style ring in copper. Add a personalised design using punches and engraving tools. Once you have mastered the skills it’s time to choose your ring design and finish it sterling silver. With some careful finishing and polishing (you may want to “cheat” and use the machine for this part) your finished jewellery will be ready for you to wear and take with you.


Price Notes

Price includes instruction and all materials. Complementary refreshments will be offered.


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