Upton upon Severn Town Centre

Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire, WR8 0HB

01684 594200

Events held in Upton upon Severn town centre.

At first glance, Upton upon Severn looks like many another country town, but its appearance conceals a secret past.

Upton upon Severn used to be a port, as well as being the only river crossing for many miles. For centuries before modern transport, it was alive with river craft carrying goods from and to the rich agricultural areas around it. Today, pleasure craft have taken over. There is a flourishing marina on the east bank, and Upton’s historic prosperity can be seen in it’s variety of delightful old buildings, including pleasant places to eat and drink.

Upton is a town with a liveliness out of all proportion to its size. Its attractive shops, its delightful inns and a variety of events each year, such as the Jazz, Folk, Blues and Water Festivals draw crowds in their thousands. It’s a place that has much to reveal.

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