The Commandery – Worcester

Mar 21 2022 Business Insights

We asked Stuart, the Operations Officer at The Commandery, to tell us about his average day ….

Hi there! How early is your first cuppa?

I am an early bird so I start the day with a cup of tea and a quick breakfast. Though I like the smell of coffee I never drink it.

Tell us a bit about your attraction.

The Commandery is a Grade I listed building in the heart of historic Worcester. It is most famous for being the Royalist HQ for the Battle of Worcester, the defining battle of the English Civil War, in 1651, but the museum is amazing as it has over 1,000 years of stories and history for visitors to discover and has interactive exhibitions to help you explore all of these different phases of history. We have developed the museum for everyone, but with a particular focus on families, helping people of all ages to engage with history and battle tactics.

As well as the building, we also have a gorgeous garden and nature play area and in the summer visitors can use our deckchairs or picnic blankets to enjoy our surroundings. In addition to the museum and café, we are also a wedding venue and offer room hire. Our Great Hall is incredibly special as a wedding venue, and guests are able to spill out into the gardens.

How do you recharge during the morning?

I often sneak up to a gorgeous, calm, wood-panelled corner room within the museum. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting still for a moment and trying to imagine living there and the events that may have taken place in the room.


What’s your favourite lunch-time snack?

More often than not it’s a sandwich brought from home, but I do try to make time to visit our café, Commandery Coffee as they have amazing cakes and locally roasted coffee. Anyone can pop into the café and enjoy its beautiful canal side garden setting.

What’s your average afternoon routine?

I don’t have an average afternoon – every day is a new challenge or has a new project. This varies from implementing our new outdoor nature play area to planning the logistics for a wedding – no day is the same. The variety helps keep my role exciting and dynamic.


How do you chillax at the end of the day?

I seek refuge in making things and working with my hands. At the moment I am making a scale model of a trebuchet, which may end up in the museum!


What’s your favourite part of what you do?

I think my favourite part is seeing the reactions of visitors when they visit the museum. I took someone to see the Great Hall the other day and they literally gasped, a jaw-dropping moment for them. I am conscious that working in a building with a 1,000 years of history, we are the fleeting custodians of the past. We are in the privileged position of safeguarding the future of the building for the next generations. Humbling stuff.