The Haunted Shire

Jun 4 2020 Guest Blog

Worcestershire has bags of history

Here at Visit Worcestershire we thought we would share with you a few twists and tales from our most infamous haunted locations across the County.

The Commandery

The Commandery is home to one of the County’s most famous ghosts, the Duke of Hamilton. During the Civil War the duke was injured in battle and was brought back to the Commandery where he sadly passed away. Staff and guests alike, have reported hearing groans of pain which they believe is the sound of the Duke in his last moments.

Other stories include a phantom women crying in the Preacher Room, a hooded monk and the sounds of a armoured sword fight taking place in the garden.

You can hear all these stories and more for yourself by visiting the Commandery.

The Cathedral

Staff have reported seeing an apparition of the Counties emblem – the Spectral Bear – rising up on its hind legs as though its about to attack. Luckily – the apparition disappears just before it attacks!

Other sightings include a hooded monk, that seems to roam around the Cloisters photo bombing visitors.

The Cathedral is still closed during lockdown but you can start planning your visit.

Drakelow Tunnels

Drakelow Tunnels was a WW2 bunker and these days acts as a museum which recounts its history both during the World War 2 but also during the Cold War. The tunnel is said to be highly haunted with TV’s Evette Fielding even hosting a show at the site.

The activity was said to start during construction when 6 people died when a roof collapsed but other people think the tunnelling activity triggered demonic activity. People have reported hearing wartime music playing through the decommissioned tannoy system and dogs often bark for no apparent reason.

To read more about the paranormal activity at Drakelow click the link below.

The Fleece Inn

The Fleece Inn is the only pub registered to the National Trust and is a huge part of the Evesham Asparagus Festival. The pub however has an unwanted guest, the spirit of its old landlady, the formidable Lola Taplin who ran the pub for 30 years.

Lola was a force to be reckoned with and only served alcoholic drinks in her pub, food was banned. As time has moved on, the pub now serves food and this is said to anger Lola who has apparently thrown sandwich boxes and plates to the floor in rage.

If you want to join the Fleece team during lockdown they are offering a virtual pub experience, you can even join the pub quiz.

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